Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq.


Lidia Szczepanowski, Esq. exemplifies the real-life embodiment of the words “success, independence, entrepreneurship and glamour”. But most importantly, despite her extraordinarily busy schedule, she is most passionate about “giving back” through proactive “hands-on” participation in philanthropy and philanthropic activities.

Lidia is a practicing attorney with a law firm located in Melville, New York and she was nominated as “Best Lawyer" in the well-known "Best of Long Island" competition hosted by the Long Island Press in 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. As a general practice litigation attorney for over 25 years, Lidia has spoken to hundreds of individuals about their legal issues. She has represented clients in a wide range of cases, from inception up through trial, in the areas of corporate and commercial litigation, real estate, bankruptcy, negligence, criminal and appellate law, just to name a few. As counsel for corporate executives, professionals, and individuals, Lidia works diligently to find creative solutions to complex challenges in order to accomplish the client’s objectives while optimizing the results. In addition to bringing success to her clients, she always does her best to maintain open communication with her clients while holding herself to the highest standards of integrity, competence and excellence.

In 2012 and 2015, Lidia was selected by the Long Island Business News as one of Long Island’s Top 50 Most Influential Women in Business. She also volunteers her time as legal counsel for several charities including the New York Veteran Police Association and Yes We Care.

Philanthropy and playing an active role in the improvement of the human condition have long been Lidia’s most consuming motivations. In 2007, she founded the National Organization for Women’s Safety Awareness (NOWSA), a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit which helps prevent violence against women and teens, and raises awareness about sexual assault and other forms of violence. The foundation also helps build confidence, competence and self-esteem through training, seminars and safety initiatives which include efficient and practical methods of avoiding and defending against attacks. Through NOWSA, Lidia has not only raised awareness of the problem, but she is providing viable solutions which are allowing women to live safer lives. With assistance from several elected officials, the NOWSA has established November 1 - 7 as “Teen Personal Safety Awareness Week” in the State of New York and the charity has launched several personal safety initiatives including the “I B SAFE” silicone slap bracelet personal safety awareness campaign, “Voices For A Cause®” programs, “Covers For A Cause” book cover campaign, and the NOWSA’s informational website and blogs.

Lidia volunteers and appears regularly as a legal correspondent, personal safety expert and entrepreneurial consultant in numerous media outlets and has been invited as a keynote speaker for educational institutions and other organizations such as St. John’s University School of Law, St. John’s University, Molloy College, National Association of Women Business Owners, Suffolk County Women’s Business Enterprise Coalition, to name a few. Every year Lidia is invited by the St. John’s School of Law, Multilingual Legal Advocates, a student organization that pairs up multilingual law students with volunteer opportunities requiring the communication of law to foreign language speakers. The group not only helps law students maintain valuable language skills and advocates a global perspective on law, but serves the greater need of assisting non-English speakers in need of support. Lidia is a panel speaker at their annual event entitled "Marketing Your Multilingualism" in which multilingual alumni are invited back to St. John's to speak with current students about how they have utilized their linguistic skills and cultural background to further their law practice and establish relationships with clients.

This past January, Lidia volunteered her time as an evaluator at the Supreme Court, Queens County, for the 2016 New York Regional Round of the National Trial Competition (NTC). The NTC is the oldest and most prestigious mock trial competition in the country. For the past 40 years, the Trial Lawyers Section of the New York State Bar Association has sponsored the New York Regional Round of the NTC, which is open to all law schools in the State of New York. In 2016, there were 20 teams from 10 New York law schools which entered to compete. In the NTC, teams of law students try an actual case from start to finish. The students make preliminary motions, opening statements, introduce documentary evidence, perform direct and cross-examination of witnesses and give closing arguments. The students are then scored by the evaluators based on their performance and the trial skills they demonstrated during the trials.

Lidia is also a volunteer, event host and Director of Marketing for the New York Boutique Lawyers Networking Group (NYBLNG). The purpose of the NYBLNG is to form new relationships, discuss doing business together, and to share ideas and experiences to help firms grow. Discussion subjects are vast and they include such topics as working in a larger law firm, the pros and cons of solo / small firm practices, referrals, collaborating on assignments, of counsel relationships and many other relevant topics that members bring up. The NYBLNG is an exclusive group of Long Island / New York based “boutique” law firms and lawyers practicing in and concentrating on a variety of practice areas in the State of New York. The attorneys in the group have offices and business in Nassau & Suffolk County, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn and practice throughout New York State. The group meets monthly at the On Parade Diner in Woodbury, NY and it features speakers who attend meetings on a regular basis to help its members with particular challenges they face in their practice. The group also has special networking events that are open to members of the business community who are not lawyers. Lidia has been instrumental in helping to create, develop, and implement many successful events as well as a presence on many social media platforms.

In addition to her winning record as a lawyer, black belt, women’s lifestyle and personal safety expert, and businesswoman, Lidia has also managed to incorporate some glamour into her life. She holds the titles of Mrs. New York America 2006, Mrs. New York International 2009 and in 2013 she won the national title of Mrs. Corporate America. Although Lidia’s pageant platform is women’s safety awareness, she has also promoted the ideology that there are no limits to what women in our country can achieve and she encourages women to celebrate their achievements, accomplishments and contributions to their families, careers, and communities. Her mission continues to be to inspire and challenge women to always try new things, never settle for the ordinary and experience life to the fullest.

Lidia is also the owner of Everything Lidia, Inc., an award winning multi-platform luxe lifestyle enterprise that celebrates smart, stylish, stiletto clad women & all their “fabulousness”! The company is devoted to providing practical and thought-provoking information, insights and ideas through seminars, speaking engagements, social and other media offerings and products which encourage women to live even more successful, passionate, fulfilling, confident, safe, and glamorous lives! Everything Lidia, Inc. offerings include the nationally acclaimed “Stylish Safety® Women’s Personal Protection and Safety Awareness Program”; the dazzling "Stylish Safety DIVAS Crystal Whistle”; professional “Red Carpet” interviews and services; the “Luxe Lifestyle Lovers” platform and movement; “Lidia’s List”, the complimentary resource where subscribers “enter the VIP section of all things remarkable and outstanding”; “The Everything Lidia Show”, a unique, thought provoking and reflective lifestyle and talk web TV show that fuses open discussion and legal issues with lifestyle and learning and which showcases topics that women care about including those involve career, legal, health, beauty, safety, relationships and more. Everything Lidia, Inc. also hosts a multitude of pages and blogs on various social media platforms. In April, 2015, Everything Lidia, Inc. and Lidia, as its President and CEO, were awarded a prestigious Folio Award for being “Best Corporate Communicator” by The Fair Media Council.

Today, Lidia continues to spend countless hours volunteering her time working with colleges, universities and charities, presenting Stylish Safety seminars to elementary, middle and high school students, and among other things, providing pro bono legal services to those in need. She is also using her growing celebrity status, extensive legal background, vast business and leadership skills, practical marketing and public relations knowledge, and unique insights to make a positive difference in the lives of women by sharing information about “Getting, Having & Enjoying It All”. Her positive message, delivered with intelligence, professionalism, passion, humor and more than a touch of panache, is a rallying cry for women of all ages who want to feel fulfilled, healthy, fabulous, and successful. As a Modern Day Renaissance Woman, Lidia educates and motivates women to realize their true self-worth and reach their maximum achievement potential while enjoying the ride and attaining genuine happiness.

Lidia currently resides on Long Island and she has three children, two of whom are in college. During her free time, she enjoys dirt bike riding, fitness training, martial arts, playing tennis, skiing, windsurfing, boating and jumping waves on her jet ski.