Corporate Counsel

We understand that businesses need to respect the formalities of corporate governance in order to protect the business and shareholders from liability and to take advantage of the other benefits that Corporations and LLC’s provide.  We have observed that some businesses put themselves at risk by not following corporate formalities. Legal ownership documents, tax records and contracts should all be aligned in order to benefit to the extent the law allows. We perform reviews and “corporate check ups” of legal records to make sure that you are operating in compliance with applicable law and corporate agreements. We organize board & shareholder meetings, meetings for partners, members and managers of LLC’s and partnerships and make sure that minutes reflect  what was agreed to at the meetings.  Our Firm advises clients in connection with corporate matters, including, partnerships, business alliances, joint ventures, employment and consulting agreements, and other routine business matters.

Drafting, Negotiating & Reviewing Agreements

The dynamics of running a business presents significant challenges to even the smartest, most sophisticated and hardest working business owners and executives. We recognize that when businesses work with other businesses the goal is typically to provide mutually beneficial results. However new business alliances and ventures bring risks as well as benefits. We work closely with business owners and executives to discuss business risks in the near and long term. A well thought out and drafted agreement is the best way to approach any business transaction. We find that while you are evaluating the venture and those who you planning to do business with, a contract negotiation helps clarify who the parties are and what it will be like to do business with them after a contract is signed.

Business Formations & Trademarks

Formation of legal entities has important legal and financial consequences. It sets the course for a business for many years to come. Our firm works with business owners and the businesses other advisors including financial and tax planners to set businesses in the right direction from the beginning. Our experience includes securing and protecting trade names, domain names and trademarks to help protect your brand in the near term and over time.